Class Schedule




Join us on Monday for a high-intensity workout that will challenge your cardiovascular, muscular, and mental endurance. Our multiple-station workout will put your recovery ability to the test with minimal rest between intervals. Start off easy, but be prepared for a challenge pushing you to your limits.



Get ready to build strength, burn fat, and increase your overall power with our Power day! Our series of individual mini-workouts at different stations will push you past your comfort zone and help you reach your fitness goals. Join us for a challenging and effective workout that will leave you feeling empowered and accomplished.



Get ready to lift heavy on Thursday! We slow down the pace and focus on putting your muscles under tension with stations designed to build strength. This is the day to cut the repetitions and push yourself to the next level of fitness. Join us for a workout that will challenge your strength and leave you feeling accomplished.


Strength & Conditioning

End your week with a bang with our Saturday workout that combines cardio and strength training. With 12 stations, you will get a full-body workout that challenges your endurance and strength. To push you to the next level, we have added 15-second sprints at the end of each station. This high-energy session is the perfect way to end your week on a high note and get you ready for whatever comes next!



Give your muscles a break and join us for our low impact active recovery day. With a focus on pacing, these workouts will get your heart racing and help you burn calories without putting too much stress on your muscles. Despite being a recovery day, these sessions are far from easy and will provide an effective challenge for your body.


Team Work

Get fit and have fun with our partnered workout group class! Join forces with a workout buddy and push each other to new limits. Our experienced trainers will lead you through a series of dynamic exercises designed to build strength, increase endurance, and boost teamwork. So grab a partner and sign up for an unforgettable workout experience!


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